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High Grade 8 Zones Lead-Rree Reflow Oven

MOQ :1 set

Lead Time :15 Days

Seller Support : Trade Authenticity Guaranteed & Accepting

Payment : T/T

Departure Port : Shenzhen

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:30 piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

Packaging & Delivery

  • Length:521.5 cmWidth:136 cm
  • Height:150 cmLogistics Weight:2000.000 kg/set
  • Packaging:1800 set

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:HCT

Product Description

High Grade 8 Zones Lead-Rree Reflow Oven


8 Zones Big Reflow Oven Specification:


ⅠSpecifications about heating system

Quantities of heating zones:Top8 /bottom8

Length of heating zones:3160mm

Quantities of cooling zones:2 air cooling zones

Length of cooling zones:1200mm

ⅡSpecifications about conveyor

Maximum width of PCB  :600mm  (can be customized)

Rail adjustment range:50~600mm

Conveyor direction:R to L (option: L to R) (comply with purchase order.)

Fixing conveyor rail:Front rail fixing/rear rail fixing (comply with purchase order.)

Height of conveyor:880±20mm

Conveyor   :Chain conveyor and meshwork conveyor

Conveyor speed:0~2000mm/Min

ⅢSpecifications about controlling parts

Power:3phase 4wires 480V  50/60HZ  with UPS delay power off

Start power:42KW

Normal working consume power:Approx. 8-10 KW

Heating time  :Approx. 20min

Temperature range:Room temperature~380℃

Controlling way:PID +PLC+ SSR drive

Temperature control accuracy:±1℃

PCB temp. deviation:±2℃

Abnormal alarms:When temperature is abnormal(too high or too low)

& When the PCB board drops

Signal lamp:3 lamps: yellow-rising; green- constant; red- abnormal

ⅣSpecifications about machine


Weight (Approx.):1800kg

High Grade Reflow Oven Features:

1 Heating system

1.1. All the heating zones are controlled by PLC through PID

1.2. Heating separately according to different zones is workable to reduce starting power.

1.3. Turbo air system can improve air flow and provide high rising temperature. Soldering is accessible.

1.4. Upper hood with motor can be opened safely and reliably.

1.5 .Heater and motor designed with full modularization can be taken apart quickly to save time.

1.6. The speed of hot air can be adjusted by inverter; air speed can be set up according to different products to avoid soldering defect. Air speed coefficients: 1.2-1.5

1.7. Convection way: single circle of hot air convection.


2 Conveyor system  

2.1. Stainless chain with automatic lubrication, shrinkage and protection ensure stable conveyor.

2.2. Edge rail and meshwork convey synchronously, controlled through PID by computer.

2.3. High-strength rail frame assures small transfiguration and precision. 

2.4. The rail width can be adjusted automatically by SPG gear motor.

2.5. Rails will be lubricated by central oil reservoir device controlled by computer.

2.6. Conveyor way: Edge rail+ meshwork


3 Cooling system

3.1. Long cooling zones provide optimum cooling performance.      

3.2. Closed-loop control can be shared together by flux collecting system.

3.3. Cooling chiller modular can provide high cooling efficiency.


4 Flux collecting system

4.1. To keep inside chamber clean and ensures more environmental emission.

4.2. Three-layer filters employed is easy for cleaning and maintenance.


5 Controlling System

5.1. WIN-XP operation system makes the operation interface simple and friendlier. 

5.2. Equipped with automatic PCB counting and sound & light alarm.

5.3. Creepage protectors assure safety of operating worker and controlling system.

5.4. It can save all settings, and can print all the data and profiles.

5.5. Controlling system equipped with UPS can ensure PCB and machine wouldn’t be destroyed during either overheating or power off.

5.6. PC and PLC controlling system ensures stable operation. PLC can run independently without PC. When the PC goes wrong, it won’t affect manufacture.


6 Nitrogen protecting system (Optional)

6.1 N2 protection system, can prevent solder paste from oxidization, improving the moisture of soldering points, reducing the faults of soldering.

6.2 Low nitrogen consumption design (10-30L/Hour), oxygen density can be keep between 300-1200PPM.

6.3 Nitrogen can be reused after filtering, production cost is therefore saved.

6.4 Nitrogen flow rate and oxygen analyzing system are easy to be observed ,adjusted. 

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